Thursday, March 09, 2023

Martina Navratilova-Chris Evert Sports Illustrated Cover Was Scrapped for NBA Players' Arms

I normally hate these spammy websites that write "stories" based on the most innocuous things online, often a one-line tweet or less. But when I looked a little closer at this one, I realized they'd written up an exchange I'd had with Martina Navratilova! Ohmygod, I love Sportskeeda!

I had tagged her along with several other legends on a post I'd just updated about Sports Illustrated covers featuring tennis, which you can read HERE.

She hasn't forgotten the way she and other women have been treated by the magazine, which is probably why she was unmoved by my pointing out that neither Rafael Nadal nor Novak Djokovic -- who have 44 majors between them -- has ever gotten their own SI cover. And now that the print edition is a monthly instead of weekly, it's doubtful they ever will. (Roger and Serena managed a few.) Martina got three plus a special kids' edition, while Chrissie shared two with Jimmy Connors and two solo, one of which was when she retired. 

Sadly, Chrissie still didn't unblock me during all the back and forth. If anyone wants to launch a charm offensive on my behalf, I'd love you forever. (Still have NO IDEA why she'd have blocked her biggest fanboy.) 

Makes me wonder if this was from the shoot. Would have asked Martina, but I was afraid one question too many might get me blocked by another great! 

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