Friday, March 03, 2023

Bangles / Go-Go's Tribute Band to Play Good Friday in NYC's Chelsea

With Belinda Carlisle telling various media outlets that the Go-Go's are officially kaput -- although we've heard that one before -- I told bassist Kathy Valentine I might just have to go to this: 

Tickets HERE.

From a release:
The BanGos are an all-female tribute band to the Bangles and the Go-Go’s.
The band is comprised of five seasoned musicians who have come together to pay tribute to these two iconic bands from the 1980s. 
Lead singer Rita Posillico is a multi-talented musician and vocalist who delivers an unbelievable live performance with her explosive energy and vocal style. Drummer Zoe Grella and bassist Daniela Ammendolea provide solid rhythmic grooves that keep the crowd dancing from start to finish. Guitarist Tia Vincent-Clark and keyboardist Jo ReyMartin complete this quintet with note-to-note accuracy and vocal harmony.
The moniker "The ultimate Bangles and Go-Go's Tribute" had me scratching my head, until I did some research and found out there actually is another one(!), called the Bango-Bangos, which apparently also does Blondie songs. (And does anyone remember the Japanese all-girl band called the Go-Bangs, which was more of a rival to Shonen Knife?)

This event is at my favorite BBQ restaurant, so if nothing else I can guarantee the food is good! Follow the NYC-based tribute band on Instagram HERE.

Meanwhile, if you're in the Allen, Texas, area this weekend, you can meet the real Kathy and drummer Gina Schock at the RetroExpo. Tickets HERE -- and tell them I sent you! 

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