Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Song of the Day: 'Dreams Never End' by New Order

 I've been on a New Order bender since scanning my old ticket stub from when I saw them in 1986, so was listening to their debut LP while running earlier today. (Excited about their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination.) "Movement" came out in 1981, in the wake of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis's suicide the previous year. Like many British albums, it's hampered by the fact that the labels over there like to omit singles that came out in the lead up to an album, so it's missing "Ceremony," "Procession," "Temptation" and "Everything's Gone Green," just as their second album, "Power, Corruption and Lies" didn't include the seminal "Blue Monday," "Confusion" or "Thieves Like Us" singles. (We had them all as 12-inch imports.) But to my point. The first song on the album -- which is quite good despite the "missing" tracks -- is so good, in fact, that you might say another band liked it a bit too much a few years later. Have a listen -- it HAS to be obvious -- and tell me what you come up with. If Men at Work could get sued by the "Kookaburra" estate over "Down Under," then New Order should own this band!   

Haven't figured it out? Click HERE.

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martini421 said...

I thought it was a Cure song! The similarity is unmistakable.

New Order is one of my favorite bands from that era but I never heard this song as I never bought their first album. I really joined the bandwagon after Blue Monday although I did like their earlier hits.