Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Song of the Day: 'Nothing Left to Lose' by Everything but the Girl

The first new Everything but the Girl track in nearly a quarter century(!) came out today. And while it's not on par with other decades-in-the-making reunion releases -- "Maria" (Blondie), "Unforgiven" (the Go-Go's) and "All the Queen's Horses" (Shakespears Sister) come to mind -- it's a promising opening salvo that sounds a bit like an outtake from "Temperamental," the band's "farewell" LP from 1999. The upcoming album, "Fuse," will feature nine more songs and is set for release April 21. Here's hoping they also revisit their more acoustic roots. 

Read a fresh interview with the pair HERE.

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Unknown said...

I’m a little underwhelmed, but maybe I was over-excited.