Saturday, December 03, 2022

Streams of Consciousness


Nicole Nguyen has a great column in today's WSJ ("When Your Data Tells You Who You Really Are") that's worth a read. In addition to some fun stats and factoids, it's where I learned that as a YouTube Music subscriber, I can get its version of Spotify's popular Wrapped. The results of my "Recap" weren't much of a surprise -- ask poor Damian how often I'm belting out Carly Simon in the bedroom, and ya gotta love that my most "current" artist released her first album in 1993(!). But I was tickled to see songs by Regina Richards and Red Hot -- whose 1981 debut album wasn't on my radar at the time because it was never released here until 2021 -- filled my Top 5 most-listened-to tracks. If interested, the full spiel is BELOW.

This one was a headscratcher as I've always thought of myself as being a casual fan!

Kind of surprising given that "Ton of Bricks" is my favorite song on the album

I'm a little bit country, but a lot of rock 'n' roll

Such an album queen!

My friend made fun of me for Lloyd Cole's placement, but I'm not going to make a big commotion about it. 

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