Friday, December 16, 2022

Hot Cat of the Day

It's fitting that this heartwarming story about a cat who had been missing for a decade is to be reunited with her family would pop up the day after I'd had -- yet another -- dream about my beloved childhood cat, Tweet. 

Tweet was about 14 when he vanished back in early 1998. I was living in Washington at the time, so my sister frantically searched for him for months before finally breaking the news to me. I've always wanted to believe he knew it was his time so wandered into the desert to die -- something I've been told indoor/outdoor cats do. 

But not knowing has always haunted me. Even in my dreams -- after being elated to spot him in my parents' front yard -- I scratch my head and say, "How could he be alive at 39?" But then I carefully pick him up -- afraid I'll "break" him after finally getting to see him again! -- and it's like no time has gone by at all. Here's hoping Mimi, pictured top, has a blissful reunion when she flies from New York to Spain where her family now lives! 

The last time I saw my little guy, Christmas 1997

A special ornament, which is fitting given how much Tweet liked to drink water from the tree stand!

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