Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

Visit is going well. About to start ripping bread for stuffing and slicing apples and grapes for Waldorf salad over here at my parents’ in the bowels of the Sonoran Desert. Everyone is doubling down on being caricatures of themselves, so at least I will have new stories when I get back home!!😩😜🤣

Highlight of the trip so far has been sifting through a cache of new (old) photos my mother recently received in the mail from her late brother’s widow. The pictures are actually their mother’s that my uncle retrieved when family cleaned out of her stuff when she took her own life in her home in Westport, Conn., after her third husband filed for divorce back in 1970 weeks after her 50th birthday.

My maternal grandmother, Annamarie, on the far right with her four siblings 

A baby photo of my mom none of us had ever seen!

My grandmother with second husband Don and his two boys from a previous marriage, Herbie and Donnie

My mom and Aunt Dianne with their stepbrothers 

My great grandparents Ross practicing a dance before their 50th anniversary party in Omaha

Mom with brother Patrick and sister Dianne

Dianne with my brother Terence, Mom with me, and my mom’s cousin Michael Ross in Omaha for my grandmother’s funeral in 1970

Also got to go for a spin in my niece’s bitchin’ Camaro, which she got for her 16th birthday!

And last but not least, finally got to see my sister’s beautiful “new” house, which had to be entirely rebuilt after an (unintentional?) arsonist burned it to the ground on the Fourth of July 2021. My niece described it as “living in a Pinterest board”!


VRCooper said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ken!! Thank you for making our days a little brighter.

Wishing your sister the best in her new house. The signage would do me in. Otherwise, the bones are great.

Travel safe!!

detroit bob said...

Happy Thanksgiving to ALl!

Blobby said...

"Bitchin' Camaro" HA! I'd forgotten all about that song. And the Dead Milkmen, for that matter.