Friday, November 11, 2022



I’m doing jury duty in Lower Manhattan this week and the inability of 75% of the people here (none of us selected yet) to follow even the most basic instructions is truly chilling. Are we sure professional juries aren’t the way to go?


VRCooper said...

It is chilling.

I was reading a post the other day of posts that kids send to their mothers for assistance once they leave the house:

*What religion am I

*How do I take the clothes out of the washing machine

*I need my passport-to travel from one state to another

*Do I like a certain food

Surprised these kids can get up in the morning and leave the house.

James said...

Let me tell you, I work in hospitality (overseas from the US) and I’m finding it shocking to have American guests once again, since I’m reminded of just how unready for the world most of them seem to be, even the ones who are “seasoned travellers”. And their lack of basic communication skills (among the younger ones anyway) is appalling. I’d hate to be judged by a jury of them.