Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Want You' by the Bluebonnets and Vicki Peterson

I'm pretty lazy about "going out" these days, between Covid and decrepitude. But when I heard Go-Go's bassist Kathy Valentine was bringing her Austin band to town -- and that Bangles guitarist Vicki Peterson was going to be their special guest -- you'd better believe I got my ass over to Arlene's Grocery right on time! (Note to self: That bar plays great music and the boys are super cute.) The Bonnets were on fire, dazzling the crowd with a selection from their three studio LPs -- and cribbing a few from the Delphines, Kathy and singer/bassist Dominique Davalos's previous band. Then Vicki joined them, which prompted a singalong version of the Faces' "Ooh La La" before launching into today's song of the day, a Vicki Peterson classic from the Bangles eponymous 1982 EP. 

After the show, I asked Vicki where they’d came up with that unexpected gem and she said it was Kathy's idea -- and that the Bonnets learned it during the soundcheck, which might explain why I ended up providing many of the backing vocals! 

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