Friday, September 23, 2022

Song of the Day: '(Kind of) True' by the Golden Palominos


Was sad to hear about the death of drummer and composer Anton Fier, a name many may not know but who was sort of an American Vince Clarke, having played on numerous notable debuts before finding his own Erasure-like niche. After a stint in the highly influential band The Feelies -- his drumming can be heard on the classic "Crazy Rhythms" (1980) -- Fier went on to be part of the Lounge Lizards, playing on their eponymous 1981 debut, before working with The Lodge (with John Greaves), Pere Ubu, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Laurie Anderson, Herbie Hancock and Mick Jagger, among others. In 1981 Fier founded the Golden Palominos, whose records "usually featured a core set of musicians -- Matthew Sweet, Bob Mould and Michael Stipe were known to participate -- and a certain emotional continuity throughout the bulk of an album, various guest appearances resulted in stylistic changes from track to track." 

I remember my brother Bill bringing home their first couple of albums while attending the University of Arizona and being confused that there wasn't a set vocalist. ("Where's my fun girl singer?!") But I eventually came to appreciate the records' eclectic nature, perhaps not coincidentally because Fier eventually found a muse in the sensational Syd Straw and later Amanda Kramer and Lori Carson. It's hard to pick one track to encapsulate a career so diverse. But a song featuring Syd seems right because as my friend Christopher put it, "Golden Palaminos were best with Syd Straw, and she was best on her first album. And the Heathers opening credits. All that to say, RIP Anton. "

"Diamond" is also fantastic. Listen HERE.


The band's 1985 single "Boy (Go)" featuring Michael Stipe got some MTV airplay. 

As did "The Animal Speaks" featuring Johnny Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten

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