Thursday, September 15, 2022

Song of the Day: 'China in Your Hand' by T'Pau

Because I follow several retro music accounts, I noticed a few posts marking the 35th anniversary of T'Pau's eponymous debut album, known as "Bridge of Spies" internationally. Was stunned to learn that the group I'm sure all Americans of a certain age remember as a one-hit wonder for the thrilling single "Heart and Soul" is actually known across the pond for the song "China in Your Hand," which hit No. 1 in their native U.K. (I've never so much as heard that title before!) The song also topped the charts in six other countries, yet didn't even land on the Billboard Hot 100. Singer/songwriter Carol Decker is so identified by it that she once appeared in the British comedy series "Trigger Happy TV" as the proverbial bull in a sketch about a china shop, a nod to her hit. I could probably do a series on massive U.S. hits by British groups that Brits sort of shrug at -- Bananarama was suspiciously casual when they performed "I Heard a Rumor" and "Cruel Summer" early in the set on their most recent tour here! -- but that's for another day.


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