Monday, August 29, 2022

Song of the Day: 'The Loop' by KajaGooGoo

As a kid, nothing disappointed me more than realizing one of my groups had slipped an instrumental into the mix. Albums usually only had nine songs, so to "lose" one right off the bat was painful -- especially slinging popcorn for $3.35 an hour. Sometimes it was a hard-to-find B-side that turned out to be an instrumental, which made finally running it down that much more disappointing. (I'm looking at you, Romeo Void. You think it was easy for me to get my hands on a seven-inch single of "White Sweater"???!!!) Then there was Saint Etienne, a band that never shied away from putting out a lot of great material -- but overdid it with Sarah-less songs. And then there were singers who didn't play instruments who had instrumentals, which begged the question: How is this even your song!? Still, every so often I'd have to admit one of my artists did produce a winner. This week I'll reveal five that I never skip, starting with this unexpected jazzy treat from KajaGooGoo, which appeared on their first post-Limahl LP, "Islands." If only Swing Out Sister had continued to make music like this, with or without lyrics!

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