Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Meme Spirited

On a related note ... my sister-in-law thought this new purchase, below, was a tad obscene(!). 

My ongoing sinus issues -- painful pressure in my forehead, frequent itchy-watery eyes -- led me to follow my regular doctor's advice to try a neti pot. (Allergist was no help.) I assumed it would be useless and haven't exactly been persuaded otherwise, as much as I like the sensation of being water-boarded. A friend in L.A. was experiencing a never-ending sinus infection -- I consider mine to just be all-season(al) allergies -- and finally saw an ENT, which is what my doctor recommends I do next. My friend was told he had an infection above his tooth that is eating away the bone/skull above it -- a lot. (Took a CT scan to learn this.) He's having the tooth removed tomorrow. Now I'm even more bewildered.


Myk said...

I avoided the neti pot for years, even with my sister swearing how it completely eliminated her sinus issues. I finally gave in, and now swear by it. I use a plastic one you can squeeze, which is handy. And it does not feel like being waterboarded! You won't regret using it.

Jeffery said...

I have been using a neti pot every morning for 17 years. Haven’t had a sinus infection since I started using it. I doesn’t work for everyone. I am glad it works for me.