Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sunday Comics

I have a lot more contempt for those handful of people in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who knew better but couldn't be bothered to vote Democratic because they "just didn't like" Hillary Clinton. But if we're being honest, irony doesn't even begin to explain what RBG ended up helping do to women. 


das buut said...

RBG didn't do anything. This was always going to be the outcome if a case like RvW was brought before the court. It was based upon sound legal opinions. Even she stated this.

It was not the Supreme Court's job to decide if abortion should be legal, they are there to decide if a decision already made is legal based upon established law. There is no federal law about abortion being legal or illegal, only the funding of it. So, the supremes were never going to have standing to rule one way or the other.

We can be angry all we want, but this is congress' fault, yet a-fucking-gain! Abortion access should be made a federal right. Marriage should be a federal right. Bodily autonomy should be a federal right! Yet, all congress can ever do is bitch about who has the bigger asshole and throw money at themselves and their pet causes.

alexa said...

and her hubbie qas our ally too

j said...

Another inconvenient truth that nobody on the left wants to mention

Bilstr said...

Hillary would have won Michigan if she had gotten 2/3 of the votes that went to the Green Party chick - name forgotten. Bill Strong