Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Dancing in the Dark' by Stacey Q

Although my onetime claim to fame was having been Stacey Q's Mercedes Boy for a day -- I ferried her in a 560SEL to and from the 1990 Long Beach Pride Festival, where she was one of the headliners -- I've never actually listened to any of her music beyond her two radio hits. (This is where I would normally say "Everyone didn't have a camera with them at all times back then," but then I have to admit my friend did take a photo of the car -- probably because it was hilarious seeing me attempt to drive such a boat -- but nothing of the talent, much less a pic-with!) So the other afternoon I played her debut album, inspired by blogger Matthew Rettenmund, who wrote
"I am not exaggerating when I say that in a world with the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Aretha, one of my very favorite albums is Stacey Q's 'Better Than Heaven.'" 
I already loved "We Connect" and "Two of Hearts" -- but Matt wasn't entirely exaggerating when he described it as "a perfect disc." (The title track is so sweet I may have need a filling, and "Music Out of Bounds" has debut Madonna album outtake appeal! A special two-disc version of the album is coming this fall.) 

When I told my Michigan childhood best friend about my "discovery," he replied: 
"Bitch, I've known that for 35 years. I had the cassette decades ago -- Doug Semig and I would play it nonstop driving to Menjo's!" 

But no sooner did I become a convert did I come to find out that Stacey actually had a self-titled five-song EP that came out the year before, available only on cassette. In addition to an early version of "Two of Hearts," it also features a cover of the classic Kim Wilde single "Dancing in the Dark" -- from Kim's "Catch as Catch Can" (1983) LP -- that I somehow never heard about until now ... which left me no choice but to make it today's Song of the Day. 

Sounds like someone could use a Niles Rodgers remix! 

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Stephen said...

I saw her perform at Rich's nightclub in downtown Houston back in about 1990. After her performance I went to the upstairs quiet bar and she was sitting on top of the bar chatting it up with all the gay boys. I went over and said hello. She was really sweet and REALLY tiny.