Saturday, June 18, 2022

Saturday 'Stache

So last Saturday -- on our final night in Chicago -- we stopped by the Lucky Horseshoe Lounge where I received my first lap dance (at 45 years shy of 100!) as a birthday present of sorts. The guy I picked was to-die-for, but I only lasted part of one song as I found the whole thing to be too embarrassing for all parties concerned. Perhaps my heart wasn't really in it because as Damian and I were approaching the joint, this guy walked past us on North Halsted Street. Our jaws simultaneously dropped to the sidewalk -- he's HUGE in real life -- and I immediately thought I "knew" him from somewhere. More BELOW.

Turns out I follow him on Instagram -- he's a Wisconsin boy -- and he's been my Saturday 'Stache BEFORE.

We never ran into him again, although I did see he posted stories from a club and Lake Michigan later in the evening. If you're as smitten as I am, you can follow him HERE. And if you find out he's giving lap dances anywhere in the continental U.S., please let me know! 

P.S. This guy was my private dancer, a dancer for money. 

UPDATE: With thanks to several readers, who pointed me to the fact that Mr. Saturday 'Stache is, in fact, also a sex worker, albeit via the internet! 


Anonymous said...

It’s so odd. He’s got a great smile, but 95% of photos are him sucking in his lips to appear more “smoldering”

detroit bob said...

Glad to hear you and Damien had a good time in Chicago. What a coincidence running into "prior-stache" up in Boystown.

VRCooper said...

Call me old-fashioned.

Now don't get me wrong I like a stunner like the next guy BUT I am a bit turned off when your Instagram page has only pictures posted of you. Strikes me as a bit narcissistic.

Yes, a little selfie here and there BUT also include pictures of your activities.

I love a good-looking man but I am also interested in your brain. Do you kick dogs? Do you throw cats? Do you love your mother?

I'll gt off my soapbox and see myself out.