Monday, May 30, 2022

Memorial Day 2022

As so many Americans continue to think it's acceptable that our military bases are named after our enemies who killed our soldiers, and that it's OK for civilians to be walking around in military-grade body carrying military-grade assault weapons, it really makes me wonder what half this country stands for. I know there have been other turbulent times in recent memory -- my parents forgot my first birthday because they were so distraught over Robert Kennedy's assassination -- but things truly are the worst I have seen in my half century on this planet. Democracy isn't a given. Are we really willing to allow our veterans' deaths to have been in vain? Sadly, for enough people the answer is a resounding "yes."  


rosannecash: Cover of Time this week. On Memorial Day, give a thought to all the children who’ve given their lives to uphold a distorted interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to mean that a disturbed teenager can legally purchase a weapon of mass destruction.


j said...

Let's hope not

chuckintucson said...

Only way we, the sane, can combat this is at the ballot box, donating resources (time or money) to politicians that aren't completely bat shit crazy and talk with friends and family about how we feel about candidates that share our values.