Friday, May 06, 2022

Desperate, Flaky and Klutzy?

Saw this on my MTM Facebook group. File this under Don't Believe Everything You Read and I guess They Didn't Have Copy Editors Then, Either:

1970 fall preview page introducing "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Notice the writer calls Mary “desperate,” Murray “flaky,” Rhoda “a klutz,” and Bess “a monster” -- hardly the characters we saw on the actual show. Also, check out the misspelling of Ted Baxter and Rhoda Morgenstern.

I'm hoping the writer didn't attend a screening before coming up with this gem!  

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Jee Jay said...

"I'm hoping the writer didn't have a screener before coming up with this gem! "

psst -- 1970 - no such thing as screeners...