Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Hello, I Love You' by Missing Persons

My Facebook friend David Bartolini writes: 
"After coveting this Glen Wexler piece for some time now, I finally took this beauty home this weekend! Not only is Missing Persons ‘Spring Session M’ one of my favorite albums of all time but this iconic image of Dale Bozzio by Glen is also one of my favorites!" 
I still adore the singles from "Spring Session M" ("Words," "Destination Unknown," "Walking in L.A.") and love that they included this quirky Doors cover B-side on the album's reissue. 

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David Bartolini said...

I’m also obsessed with their follow-up album ‘Rhyme & Reason’ in 1984… great musicianship and ‘Surrender you heart’, ‘Give’ & “Right Now’ are fantastic singles! 💜