Friday, April 15, 2022

Morning Wood

We finished watching "The Thing About Pam" last night and as good as Renee Zellweger was as Pam Hupp -- who's actually even nuttier than the Oscar winner portrayed her -- it was the men who stole the show for us, starting with Adam David Thompson as Captain Lang. More of him and other "Pam" hunks BELOW.

Fans of gay TV might remember him as Pastor Jax on "The Other Two."

Also of note:

Mac Brandt was daddylicious as Detective McCarrick

Brandt with Thompson

In a more revealing role ...

And then there was Cuyle Carvin as Detective Hilke. 

Still not sold on this true-crime dramedy? I'm not even mentioning Josh Duhamel ... with a perm!


Warren said...

I thought the show was great!

Juan Lopez said...

Loved it. Thank you for the Detective Hilke picture. Husband and I found him hot and man is he.