Friday, March 18, 2022

Song of the Day: 'War Boys' by Annabella (Lwin)


Russia's brutal assault on Ukraine reminded a reader of this one, an underrated (little heard?) freestyle gem from 1986's "Fever," the debut solo album by Annabella Lwin released just after the breakup of Bow Wow Wow. 

While I was looking up information for this post I discovered that Annabella actually had a second solo album -- 26 years after her first(!) -- called "Super Boom!!" (2012) that I'm listening to right now. There also appears to be a 2016 re-issue with two more songs and two less (more?) exclamation points. Question: If I didn't even know about this, who did?

Also: A 2016 interview makes reference to a "new" EP called "Willow Tree," although I can find nothing to back this up. ("Spirits of the Earth" and "Garden of Pleasure" were two of the song titles.) Can anyone help me out? 


Apparently the songs were written in the late '80s, some of which are demos from "Fever."

Proof of existence, but link on her page is dead

And would you look at this? I had no idea she had shared my GoFundMe when Larry was deathly ill. xo

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