Thursday, March 17, 2022

Song of the Day: 'The Girl You Think You See' by Carly Simon

My face nearly hurt from smiling when I laid eyes on this glorious outtake from the iconic photo shoot for Carly Simon's "Anticipation," her sophomore album that came out in 1971 -- the same year as her debut. (They don't do that anymore, do they?!) Carly's career recently came up with a 60something female friend who kind of startled me by saying, "I like her. But not sure what quality would qualify her for Rock Hall of Fame?" Resisting the urge to respond with Madeline Albright's "special place in hell" quote, I instead wrote the following:
She was a huge influence on the confessional singer-songwriter genre, having popularized it to the top of the singles and album charts in 1972. Her longevity, writing some 25 solo albums plus film soundtracks, probably was a factor for the nod too. It's tricky because Linda Ronstadt [who was inducted in 2014.] was far more popular -- and I adore her too -- but doesn't write ... and I think writing is such a big deal. Who knows if she'll get in, though.
Then I heard from another 60something female friend who said yes -- and I felt a lot better.

Of course Carly belongs in the Rock Hall of Fame. (The Ronettes and Eddie Cochran are in with one album each, Buffalo Springfield with three and the Go-Go's with three plus one.) She's a trailblazer on many levels -- and each of her albums has at least two or three songs that I feel alone are legendary. "Anticipation" -- with its plaintive title track, haunting "Legend in Your Own Time," desperate "I've Got to Have You" and today's Broadway-esque song of the day -- is no exception. 

You Tarzan, me Jane

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Steve said...

No,artists rarely release 2 albums year. If your are Adele, it takes like 4 years.
Wondering how you tour, for years, on one album of material. 12 songs or so sounds like 1 set to me.