Monday, March 21, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Boy Toy' by Tia

A reader mentioned this one. While I fondly remember Madonna knockoff "Baby Love" by Regina, I had never so much as as heard of Tia -- which from the look of things left me dumbfounded. As any self-respecting gay would do, I immediately consulted my dog eared copy of "Encyclopedia Madonnica 20: Madonna From A to Z" only to come up emptyhanded. I'm wondering if writer Matt Rettenmund somehow managed to miss this one too -- the styling, phrasing and song title certainly warranted an entry -- or if he didn't include it because there was no Stephen Bray connection.

Instead, I found that music journalist Justin Kantor wrote:
Tia is a very talented vocalist from Long Island who started out her music career as a Madonna-type pop-dance artist. This particular song was a top-10 club hit for her in late '86 that also crossed over to the pop chart. She also had other singles out like "Cupid," "Baby Talk" (originally by Alisha), and "Sugar Baby." These days, she's a rock singer, having worked with New York bands like BlueScream and SukkerPunch. At the end of this video, you can see a pic of me with Tia in 2006. "Toy Boy" was written by Roy Be, Jim Cohn, and C. Burbank. Produced by Roy Be, Jim Cohn, and Charles Ibgui. 

The song didn't do much for me. But the high-tech video(!) and gym bunny certainly did. Enjoy!

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Matthew said...

This was too trivial for EVEN me. :)