Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Another Bottle of Wine' by Houston We Have a Problem

Posting this fun song I just learned about from a friend and former colleague, in the hope that someone will know more and I won't have to search the Dark Web.

My friend writes:

OK I know I've already posted one song today but I just now discovered this 1982 track — thanks to the always excellent WFMU — and I don't think you should have to wait another day to hear it. Attn Kenneth M. Walsh and all other fans of female-fronted New Wave/pop-punk. There is almost no trace of this band anywhere on the internet apart from this one single, which was reissued last year on a great compilation of British obscurities. Enjoy!

Listen B-side "2:25" HERE.

The compilation on which it appears is available HERE.

Description: Forget Bloodstains and Back To Front - it’s Heroes Of The Night! A first of its kind document of all female-fronted U.K. and Irish Punk, Powerpop, New Wave, Hard Rock and Synth-Pop 45s! A selection from a dozen of the greatest and rarest femme-vox 7’s – including APRIL SOUTH, THE RUSSIANS, TEACHER’S PET, METROPOLIS and more. From the Midlands and the Merseyside to the North and the Six Counties, Heroes Of The Night shines a light on the still-undersung female pioneers and trailblazers who emerged out of the punk and new wave maelstrom.

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Jack said...

I love the beat, it's easy to dance to!