Thursday, March 10, 2022

David Mixner: The War Against LGBTQ+ Americans Has Just Been Dramatically Escalated by the GOP

Sobering thoughts and a call to arms from the legendary activist who writes: 

Texas and Florida has just passed two pieces of legislation that are so horrific it could take us backwards 20 years if not more.  These two pieces of what is now law will bring back the shame, fear and even suicide among our young.  In addition, the Texas legislation enables social services to remove a child from a Transgender friendly home. Rediscover your outrage. 


Kudos to rising tennis star Coco Gauff -- the 17-year-old Floridian isn't afraid to speak her mind. 


barryearle said...

Several months ago I said to a friend that this was coming. He said, "Oh, no, it won't happen." I replied, "Maybe it's because I'm Jewish and so I always am always looking over my shoulder." Well, it's here now. Meanwhile, on YouTube I defended a teen-ager who organized student walkouts in Florida over the "Don't Say Gay" legislation. Plus, I responded to a number of comments that talked about parents rights and pedophilia and grooming. The responses back to me underlined the ignorance of the supporters of these bills, responses that recalled the accusations from 60-70 years ago that gay people groom youngsters for their own sexual pleasure. I'm both shocked and terrified that these people are back and in control of state governments. I thought we had travelled much further. Guess not.

j said...

We should never take our rights for granted

Billy B said...

FWIW, here's the link to article with the text of this amazing young lady's statement: