Thursday, February 24, 2022

So 'Sorry,' He Said

Yikes. By now all tennis fans have seen Alexander Zverev's violent outburst at the end of a doubles match Tuesday night in Acapulco. What I find even more disturbing -- when put the incident in context with allegations of domestic abuse leveled against him by by former girlfriend Olga Sharypova -- is how his carefully worded apology manages to devolve in the second paragraph, sounding a lot like an abusive boyfriend saying "sorry" to his girlfriend by explaining that he's only possessive and hits her because he "loves her so much." The ATP fined and booted him from the tournament, but still no word on its investigation into the Sharypova charges.


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he should be suspended for a few months- 1 thing his violent outburst did- it proved he's capable of the domestic violence he's been accused of.