Monday, February 07, 2022



So I finally got to see a friend while in Arizona for a month helping out my ailing parents -- college pal Mary and I went to lunch ... on my way to the airport! (The Culinary Dropout in Tempe was fantastic.) I'm safely back in the (212) now, happy to be reunited with Damian and Harvey, knowing that my stepfather's cousin is now there to help them as they enter the next phase of this ordeal. On Thursday I took Gary for a new Pet scan that will reveal whether or not the surgeon got all the cancer or if there's more. (Solitary plasmacytoma vs. multiple myeloma.) Here's hoping we get good news so they are able to get back to (their new) normal, which I strongly hope will include moving into an assisted-living environment so they are better-equipped for the next challenge life throws our way. While I have been filled with doubts since returning home -- did I do enough? were they as unreasonable as I felt they were? was I patient enough? Mom’s night terrors made it extremely difficult to sleep properly -- I am confident that I stepped up when they needed me most, which has to count for something. xoxo


JimmyD said...

Welcome home.

Jeffery said...

I did 4 years of care giving for my husband. No fun.

You might want to get hospice in for both your parents. They don’t have to be dying to get them in hospice or only have 6 months to live. Starting it now will have them in the system.

Shane said...

Youa re a really good son.