Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Song of the Day: 'To Sir, With Love' by Susanna Hoffs


This one's in honor of the great Sidney Poitier, who died Thursday at 94. It's been sweet -- and educational -- reading all the tributes friends of mine have posted, most notably these two.

Steve wrote: 
Only, us older Black folks TRULY understand the significance of Sidney Poitier. While young folks may not "get" his importance because their worldview is limited. Non-Black folks, who are old enough to experience him only saw him  through his charisma and acting ability. For those of us who were raised on him, he was us and offered us possibilities which weren't being presented. Through Poitier, we saw we could be doctors, teachers, cops, cowboys, jazz musicians. He was a handyman who was a reluctant helper to a group of nuns and he did it with unequalled swagger.  He then showed people like Ava Duvernay, Spike Lee, Ryan Coogler that we could run things behind the camera. All I'm trying to say is thank you Sir, with love and respect. Rest now.
To which Natasha replied: 
He also meant so much to our tiny island nations. Being a man of Bahamian descent, he represented “every Caribbean National,” regardless of the country. We were all so proud to claim him as an island boy. I bought his book, “The Measure of a Man,” for my husband. The roles he tackled in his career were astounding to the viewing audience. What a great loss. 
And may I also recommend Tim Gray's poignant piece for Variety: "Sidney Poitier: A Legend Who Changed Hollywood."

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I gotta stick with the Lulu version.