Monday, January 10, 2022

Song of the Day: 'More Than I Can Say' by Leo Sayer


This is one of those Wiki-rabbit-hole Songs of the Day: Last month when I was researching my Cliff Richard post, I noticed one of his U.S. hits was a song called "Dreaming." When I clicked through I saw it was a cover of a song by Leo Sayer, who topped the Billboard Hot 100 with "You Make Me Feeling Like Dancing" (1976) and "When I Need You" (1977) and hit No. 2 with "More Than I Can Say" in 1979. "More Than I Can Say" was a favorite of mine as a kid, but what I didn't know until I clicked on its Wikipedia entry is that it was co-written by Sonny Curtis, the guy most famous for writing and performing "Love Is All Around," the theme to "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." It turns out Curtis and co-writer Jerry Allison were members of Buddy Holly's band the Crickets, and recorded "More Than I Can Say" for the group's first album after the day the music died. And then to top it off, yesterday my friend Chad alerted me of Sonny's appearance on "CBS Sunday Morning," because of the MTM connection but not even realizing I had just been unearthing these some of these details via Leo Sayer, whom I'd picked for a song of the day to kind of offset my (embarrassment over my) Rex Smith post from a couple weeks ago!

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