Thursday, January 06, 2022

Page 1 Roundup (01/06)

Gimme ShelterInside the $3.2 million home Colton Underwood and his Democratic strategist boyfriend bought together; BTW: Ended up watching a couple episodes of "Coming Out Colton" and he and the show couldn't be more charming. That people are dismissing it sight unseen is all too predictable, but Colton has a lot to say about the rampant homophobia in high school (and professional) sports -- that scene with other gay pro athletes moved me as much as his clueless high school coach infuriated me -- plus his hag is a riot. (Gus, too!) The show is a sad reminder that even in the post-"Will & Grace" world, fear and self-loathing are still very prevalent in the LGBT community, so anything that can be done to destigmatize being different is a good thing. Kudos to Netflix for producing it, which would have been seen as a groundbreaking series before Gen Z misapplied academic concepts they recently learned to the detriment of the entire LGBT community. 

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Ray said...

I just read your comments about the Colton Underwood doc on Netflix and I agree with you completely. It's really a shame that so many people will ignore this really insightful look into what many closeted gay men face trying to accept themselves.