Monday, December 20, 2021

Variety Inexplicably Allows Bryan Singer Ex to Vent About Director's Boyfriend Prowess

Another embarrassing "article" from Variety, this time written by one of disgraced film director Bryan Singer's former lovers. I think there's more than ample evidence that Singer -- like many Hollywood egomaniacs -- is awful. So I'm not sure there's much to be gleaned from this "he's a bad boyfriend" piece. (Shocker: Dating someone with greater power creates a *power* imbalance.) Merely adding buzzwords like "anxiety," "severe depression" and "PTSD" doesn't change the fact that the relationship was between two consenting adults. Perhaps most telling is that the writer has to make a point of saying he *looked* even younger than he was -- so now the age of consent apparently involves a "what age you look like" component -- which takes moving the goalpost to a laughable level. Sorry, but when it comes to #MeToo, I say women and children first.

P.S. Ask me if a friend my age was hit on during this period by Blake Stuerman, who like Bryan Singer is allowed to pursue sexual attractions to people of any age so long as they're of age.


And f**k Variety for making me have to agree with this Republican.


j said...

Twinks beware never date men who like 15 year looking men it's not going to last

barryearle said...

I kept thinking that if this guy had written a more novelistic story about Hollywood in general instead of a piece dumping on an already dumped on director, it would have been much more interesting. And while you are right that they were consenting adults with one barely crossing the 18 year old line and the other being 43, I'm fairly sure this young man, who was seduced by all the Hollywood trimming, was too young to understand the bargain he was making.

I was doing a video interview on a movie set with a well-known choreographer/director. Before we started the interview, he positioned a young twink just behind the camera so he could look at him while he was answering my questions. I'm not sure this young man even knew what "objectification" meant. He probably was flattered and happily displayed himself for this man who is still directing today. Consenting adults? Probably. Full aware? Probably not.