Thursday, December 02, 2021

Thursday Ad Watch


Am I a perv weirdo for preferring the "before" picture BELOW?

Maybe not the best model to make this point. Shop HERE.


j said...

I'm with you I think the before picture is more enticing

uwyoalum said...

I love a coin slot!

Edgar_Carpenter said...

Many semi-straight guys are terrified that a gay man may enjoy watching them work out. That might mean that they are gay themselves! Eeek! So they wear baggy shorts and cover up their possibly attractive butt cracks, and trim their pubes so they don't stick out around their jock straps.

These are the same guys who walk around with dirty buttholes because their daddies taught them that touching their own butt is gay, so they don't clean their asses. I was shocked when I learned about that - a straight woman told me it's a real problem for women who have to deal with these guys.