Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Tightrope' by the Shebangs

Wouldn't it be a riot if gay "Mysterious Skin" writer Scott Heim had a fun sister who fronted an eclectic band in Kansas? Wait, you're in luck:
If you like your Garage Rock mixed with a dash of New Wave and a bit of Punk, look no further than The Shebangs. The three-piece band hails from Lawrence, Kan., and has been playing together for a while. The trio is made up of Kit Cole (percussion and backing vocals), Bret Dillingham (guitar and keyboards; also drummer for labelmates The Harrisonics!), and Tamyra Heim (bass guitar and lead vocals). Among their stew of influences are The Buzzcocks, Cramps, Sonics, Gories, Terraplanes, and Thee Heacoatees. Other musicians have occasionally played with the band, but the core group has remained the same since the 2010s. They previously recorded a five-song EP at Black Lodge Studios, and a single a few years later (with an ace cover of The Saints’ “A Minor Aversion”), but this is their first full-length album. The Shebangs’ new recording, “now! is when” on Boston’s FABCOM! Records, was recorded 2019-2020 at Microburst Studios in Lawrence. All 12 spirited, high-energy songs on the LP are band originals.

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