Thursday, November 11, 2021



If you could be arrested for leering, they've have locked me up and thrown away the key. More BELOW.

Needless to say, we both got off.


Myk said...

The second to last photo is a hoot.

Unknown said...

That's a 3 course meal right there!

VRCooper said...

Ok !! I'll admit he would turn my head and a little harmless stalking would pursue. How he got all that in those jeans and shirt amazes me. BUT I could dress him better. Nothing fancy just a better cut of jeans and shoes. The fit looks off to me. And I am sure I can find him a pair of shoes that are way better than the sneakers. Yes and be able to navigate through the train stations with comfort. I love the photo of him looking at the camera. He is probably thinking, "Am I being photographed?", "What the hell, no harm, no fould!"