Thursday, October 14, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Bruises on My Illusions' by Soft Cell


What do you think of the latest Soft Cell song, from an upcoming reunion album called "Happiness Not Included"? ("Heart Like Chernobyl" came out over the summer.) I feel like the "Tainted Love" duo has come out of retirement more times than Cher -- wasn't 2018 their "farewell" tour? -- but it's always a good day when Marc Almond is on the scene.

Fun fact: My two fave Soft Cell songs are "Kitchen Sink Drama" and "What!," the latter of which I bought the 45 of because I've never been a fan of remixes so wanted to avoid the "Non-Stop Erotic Dancing" EP it appeared on. (The one other new track was a lousy instrumental.) Along those lines, I'll bet I never even listened to anything besides "Spotlight" on "You Can Dance"!

Complete setlist and upcoming U.K. tour(!) dates HERE.


Claude Remains said...

My favourite Soft Cell song is "Say hello,wave goodbye":
"Standing at the door of the Pink Flamingo crying in the rain".

P.S. I think you´ve posted the wrong song link from Youtube!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Claude: What makes you think it's the wrong link?