Thursday, October 14, 2021


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Are you still sporting a mask regularly? I do on the subway and in crowds, which is pretty much everywhere in New York City. I also knew I would be wearing one a lot while traveling to Egypt, so I finally had to break down and try wearing contacts again to avoid the fog. It got me through the trip -- I don't see how anyone rides a camel in 95-degree heat with glasses not falling off their face! -- but despite the new technology, it was mostly a new decade but the same issues. The multifocal stuff was great. (My brain must be wired for that; I know so many people who can't wear progressive-lens glasses much less contacts, yet I had no issues at all.) Keeping my eyes from drying out 10 seconds after putting the lenses in, however, was a nonstarter. The optometrist really didn't listen to me when I tried to tell him about my issue -- I guess my mom was right about my being a "woman"! -- so just assumed dailies were the solution ... never mind the fact that I told him the uncomfortable feeling happens the moment I pop the right lens in. (It's only the right one and has been for more than two decades.) I asked about prescription dry-eye drops but he wouldn't hear of it. So I'm back to my glasses, but at least have some contacts for the rare occasion I absolutely need them. 


Jeffery said...

You might want to try an eye gel. I use it at bedtime for one eye that seems to dry out.

Myk said...

We mask up at work, and I always wear one in a store or other public space. Even on the sidewalk if it's busy.

joepelpro said...

Still wearing the mask on public transportation and any place I see a crowd