Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Tweet Nothings

Not the only frosted Pop-Tart born that year, I might add 

This sucks. There will never be another.  

The greatest. 

Good lord, look at him!!! 

Shiny and new! 

"Miss America is as fresh as 1979." -- A friend 


Not that pretty hair! 

“It took me years in therapy to admit there had been any victimization. I would always say I was consenting, and then I’d be reminded: ‘Hey, you were 15, you’re not consenting at 15.’ Now I’m like, ‘Yeah, they’re all pedophiles. It’s all statutory rape.’” 

I don't know all the details about what happened to her. and of course I think it's awful that she now feels like she was taken advantage of. But I do know the age of consent was 14 when she was a teenager, and that she's referring to relationships she herself believed she consented to as a 15-year-old. So where does that leave us -- and the hope of reducing sexual assaults -- if people are going to reclassify consensual acts decades after the fact?


j said...

Debby Harry has more style than most

Edgar_Carpenter said...

I started having sex at 14, and was consenting all the way. It's just wrong to claim that people under 17 or 18 have no ability to consent to anything. We all know that's not true, based on our own experience.

Coercion or force are wrong at any age, whether sexual or not. But freely enjoyed mutual experiences are fine. Psychologists who convince people that sex they consented to (and often initiated) and then enjoyed when they were under age should have their certification removed. It took one psychologist years to convince her that she had been raped, apparently - and what good came of that? Is she happier? Better adjusted?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Edgar: Thank you for saying it.

I have a family member whose sister is angry at her for not recalling something from their childhood the same way — who tried to bully her into being as miserable about the alleged incident as she is. How is that helping anyone?