Thursday, September 09, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Beverage of Choice' by BRNDA


What makes me seem more like a rigid old fart, that I all but refuse to listen to new music or that I discovered new music via a newspaper article? While you mull that over, have a listen to BRNDA, a Washington, D.C.-based art/punk outfit that's been around forever but just released a new album (the food-obsessed "Do You Like Salt?") that's getting enough buzz that their hometown broadsheet wrote it up. The single "Perfect World" reminds me of the Tom Tom Club and "The Avocado" sounds like it took a bite out of Talking Heads. And if that's not derivative enough, the estate of Lou Reed may have a case against "George the Lobster" while today's SOTD definitely owes a hat tip to the B-52s! 

Listening options HERE.

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