Sunday, August 08, 2021

Speedo Sunday


There were dozens of memorable divers at this year's Olympics. But for some reason, I had a, um, soft spot for Timo Barthel. More BELOW.

When I started to look for photos of the 25-year-old German, a headline from Outsports immediately caught my eye -- This Olympic diver doesn’t identify as ‘gay’ or ‘straight,’ but ‘human’ -- leading me to believe it was my gaydar I had to thank. But as is often the case anymore, this handsome young man seems to have a severe case of Gen Z more than anything else -- won't identity as straight or gay but has a girlfriend. (Beats toxic masculinity, for sure.) 

Still, I can't help but wonder if his reticence about labels would change at all if he'd gottten an invite to this hot tub party, where some boys gathered to watch Tom Daley's final dives.

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j said...

Gay or bi curious he has body made for speedos