Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Midnight Confession' by Karla DeVito

With thanks to Rix, who alerted me to this wonderful Grass Roots cover by Mrs. Robby Benson, when I shared the Belinda Carlisle, Molly Ringwald and Susanna Hoffs version

I never really followed Karla DeVito's career very closely. She is perhaps most recognizable for her work with Meat Loaf -- she toured with him and appeared in the famous "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" video when Ellen Foley, whose  vocals are heard on the album, wasn't available. Yet I was still surprised to see that she's only released two studio LPs. On her way up, she did also contribute a song to the soundtrack for "The Breakfast Club" called "We Are Not Alone." although she didn't get the same bang for her buck that Simple Minds did. 


Rix said...

And she is Mrs. Robby Benson on top of having that great rock voice.

Unknown said...

The album this song is from "Is This a Cool World or What?" is excellent...OMG from 1981