Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Jessie's [sic] Girl' by Rick Springfield

Although I was more of a "Don't Talk to Strangers" kind of kid, "Jessie's [sic] Girl" certainly was the hottest thing since sliced bread when I was starting ninth grade. (I remember my friend Mike Mishoe -- in between eating microwave bacon and going to see Ringo Starr's "Caveman" at the dollar cinema for the 18th time -- asking my mother what "moot" meant!)  Love that the 45 played up Rick Springfield's role as Dr. Noah Drake on "General Hospital" -- I guess it really had been a long time since his breakout hit, "Speak to the Sky."

I don't imagine many music critics would swoon over this old list of singles -- and what's up with three crossover country hits in the Top 10 at once?! But it sure takes me back, and "Slow Hand," "Bette Davis Eyes" and "Hearts" are still classics in my book!


BosGuy said...

That Billboard 100 top ten list is a hoot. I remember I could never get that damn Juice Newton song out of my head when they would play it on the radio. I will be cursing you later this morning when the melody inevitably starts playing in my head.

Rix said...

Okay my SAT math score was prefect my English was 2/3 perfect. Why isn't the possessive correct?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Rix: Ha! The sic was for the name spelling, which is the female version! :-)