Thursday, August 12, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Answering Machine' by Bruce Springsteen

Today's pick -- described as Bruce Springsteen's terse, dark, unreleased companion piece to "Hungry Heart" -- would be the greatest thing ever if it weren't accompanied with the realization that there is a generation of people who don't know what an answer machine is! Read HERE.

P.S.. I remember my brother Bill getting one for his post-college townhouse in Chandler in about 1985 or so -- slightly before they became ubuquitous -- and all of us laughing at him, like he was "so important" that he needed a machine to take his calls!

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Edgar_Carpenter said...

I had a Phone Mate like that - it was a misogynistic machine. It didn't detect voices in a higher pitch, so it hung up on all my women friends. I was living in the Castro at the time, so I went back to having an answering service run by gay men and lesbians . . .