Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Wrestle Wednesday

See more of the gold-medal winning Olympic wrestler known as "Captain America" BELOW.

Former Ohio State University wrestler Kyle Snyder won the gold medal in the 97kg freestyle at the 2016 Rio Olympix Games and is raring to go in Tokyo -- especially if it means facing off against rival  Abdulrashid "the Russian tank" Sadulaev.

"He's one of the most decorated wrestlers in Russian history already," said Snyder, 25, adding, "And he's a very talented wrestler. It's the old Russia versus America thing. You know what I mean? So that even builds it up even greater. And the United States and Russia are the two best countries in wrestling." 

Snyder said he would "love" if the two are matched up and always looks forward to "competing against him, and I know he is with me as well, so he'll be prepared and I'll be prepared." 

Defending his Olympic title, Snyder said, would be "cool" and "exciting."

He told People magazine: "I love wrestling and I'm just excited to compete all year. And then the Olympics ... are something that I'm really looking forward to because that's going to be the greatest challenge."

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