Monday, July 26, 2021

Tweet Nothings

 Exciting news for fans of the book and film 

As if he didn't already reek of sex 


One of the many perks of being a Marilyn fan, a seemingly never-ending supply of "new" photos 

Congrats -- and bravo for using your platform so wisely! (Did you hear Dustin Lance Black shriek like a woman when his hubby won?!!!)

My heart breaks -- and feels relief -- for the victims' loved ones. I hope knowing they've all been found brings some sort of comfort.  

Best wishes to the funny lady 

Wasn't I just talking about when Richard Simmons RULED the world?! 

Everybody wants some: It's nice to see that the world of elite athletes -- if not the world in its entirety -- appreciates what Novak Djokovic has accomplished to this point. Hard to imagine Steffi Graf received this kind of appreciation when she did achieve the Golden Slam.


John said...

Novak’s run this year is a story without parallel because of the majors race among the Big Three. The idea that three players of the same era would reach 20 is absurd, and to have Novak come from behind in this dramatic way to potentially pass them so quickly, wow. New York could be really fun. So I can understand why this potentially historic run is garnering so much attention.

j said...

Congratulation to Mr Daily a gay young man we can all be proud of

j said...

Those MM photos are but I wish someone would find gay photographer's Cecil Beaton private archives