Thursday, July 22, 2021

Tweet Nothings

Some have asked if lesbians are being rendered extinct because of transgender people, a foolish notion that is rightfully called transphobic even if it probably wasn't intended to be hurtful. What they likely mean is something more nuanced, as I have witnessed in my own life: Several gay men I know have told me that they "wonder" if they would be trans today if that option had been more readily available to them when they were coming out -- something I must confess stunned me. This, of course, has nothing to do with extinction. What this means is that as society evolves, more people will be expressing gender identities in a way that is comfortable for them -- which ultimately could lead to more people being trans who might otherwise have been gay. (See also: BONO, CHAZ.) 

Sexual deviates beware! 

Free chuckle of the day 


Jesus. Rob Lowe sure ratcheted up my number on the Kinsey Scale with this one 

40 years since the most perfect debut in music history! Have you read about the tribute album with Josie Cotton, E.G. Daily and Holly Beth Vincent? 

Sleeveless in Tokyo

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