Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday 'Stache


Might need to set my DVR for some "Love Boat" reruns. Mark Harmon seems to have made two memorable appearances. More BELOW.

"Julie and the Bachelor/Set-up for Romance/Intensive Care," which first aired on Nov. 19, 1983, seems to be the one not to miss ... 

Although Mark's previous turn as a blond bombshell in "Alaska Wedding Cruise" (Sept. 15, 1979) might also be worth a look! 

That episode also featured the future Lisa Hartman Black as his woman, plus future "My Tutor" tutor Caren Kaye, Woody Allen favorite Tony Roberts, Donny "Ralph Malph" Most and Mrs. Roper herself, Audra Lindley, among others!

Somehow I missed this recurring theme in Mr. Pam Dawber's career ...

which also included some lip love on "St. Elsewhere" 

and more recently on "NCIS."


j said...

Mr Harmon always looked hot and has aged very well

Pete Klein said...
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Pigi9114 said...

Kenneth, I like Harmon in 240-Robert, a great TV series:
Greetings from Brazil.