Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Tweet Nothings

Judd Legum: A lot of misinformation is floating around about the nature of the PA Supreme Court's decision on Cosby. So I want to clarify a few issues. Let's talk about EXACTLY WHY the court decided it had to invalidate Cosby's trial. And why their rationale is very weak. Read HERE.

We arrived in the Valley from Detroit the following spring and it was still the talk of the town 


You bury the family members you've got, not the ones you wanted 

“What do you gain by attempting to silence us? What do you gain by instilling ignorance and hate in your children who aren’t like us? What harm comes from allowing us to be who we are?” Gavin Grimm writes 

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John said...

The Cosby situation is disgusting and Phylicia should be ashamed of herself. Long story, but I know someone who was in prison with Cosby and, sadly, Cosby was treated like royalty.