Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Tweet Nothings

But is his kitty OK? 

Coming soon: What if Gatsby lived, and found love in the arms of Nick Carraway? 

Straight white men: Being hot and incredibly dumb forever 

Hard pass 

ABC News reporter Rachel Scott asks Vladimir Putin ‘what are you so afraid of’ after noting that many of his political opponents are ‘dead, imprisoned or jailed’ during the Russian president’s press conference following his meeting with President Biden. 

Nora Burns shares poignant and vividly specific memories of the very early days of AIDS in NYC before anyone knew what it was 

Speedy recovery, kiddo 

I've always considered myself a borderline leftist, but this cart-before-the-horse style of criminal justice sent chills down my spine: 

She wouldn’t prosecute dozens of misdemeanors and some felonies, including third-degree burglary, escaping from a correctional facility and offenses that resemble a recent attack on an Asian American in Manhattan. She also plans to offer an alternative-to-incarceration program “in every case. No exceptions,” including murder, rape and gunpoint robbery. 

If you live in the (212), please vote for Alvin Bragg for Manhattan district attorney:

“What I’ll do: Draw from my professional and life experience to build a DA’s office focused on reversing mass incarceration. Create a unit to investigate police misconduct. Overhaul the sex crimes unit to get justice for sexual assault survivors. Promote schools, not jails. And I will refuse campaign donations from lawyers who appear before the office. The fight for criminal justice reform is the fight of our times—and it is the fight of my life.”

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