Friday, June 11, 2021

The Paris Match(es)

So I couldn't be happier with the outcome of the Tsitsipas-Zverev semifinal -- and what a match it was. After falling love-40 in his opening service game in the fifth, I was sure Stefanos was going to go away -- only he became a machine from that game forward. Such a thrill to see him reach his first Slam final.

Now I'm hearing the second one was pretty good, too. (I turned it off when Djokovic fell 5-0 in the first set.) Alas, I once again find myself in a quandry: I keep saying I would like to see the NextGen NowGen step up and take the reins. (I really never expected or even wanted Fed or Djokovic to have this many Slams, much less Nadal.) But ideally one of the younger guys would dethrone Rafa in Paris (and Novak Down Under) -- except they're incapable of it -- so do I think Novak deserves to lose a second French Open final where he beat Nadal on the way there? 

I suppose I can now just be happy with either outcome -- only knowing me I will suddenly become deeply invested in one of them winning and wind up miserable all over again. (Why do I subject myself to this sport?!)

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