Sunday, June 06, 2021

Speedo Sunday


Went into a bit of Matt Lattanzi rabbit hole on Friday and hit Speedo pay dirt. Couple more jaw-droppers BELOW.

The top two are labeled as being taken by Brad Elterman "at the home of singer Olivia Newton-John in Los Angeles," but are undated. (I'm guessing these were shot in Malibu, near the house that Sally Field also once owned.) Note to Brad: If you're out there, PLEASE contact me with full details from this photo session! 

And this one is for sale on WorthPoint. Although it gives no details I think the image speaks for itself. 

And these dolphin-short shots were also shot by Mr. Elterman. If he or anyone would care to explain the nature of the special relationship between Mr. & Mrs. Lattanzi and Christopher Atkins, I'm all ears! 


David Wagner said...

See this short video:

Don said...


j said...

He was beautiful

Claude Remains said...

Whilst I agree that he looks absolutely gorgeous, I think it´s interesting that by today´s gay "twink" standards he would be considered too skinny and not muscular enough!!

Rix said...

For the record those are Sub4 shorts they had a lower rise and smaller bikini like liner so more leg showed when the near full length side split opened up. The knit quality was better too.

Sorry for the pedantic trip down memory lane.